Popstar du Domaine de Keravel du Domaine de Keravel

Berger australien Noir tricolore (yeux noisettes)

Popstar du Domaine de Keravel en quelques mots

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CH. Risingstar's Rocky Mountain Outlaw
Berger australien
Risingstars Heaven Sent
Bayouland Creme Brulee
Brodways Blaze Of Glory
Lil'Creek's Hug Me Tight
Risingstar's Wings Of Angels
Summertime Gemini Of Montrose
Risingstar's Sweet Serenity
Outlaws Million Dollar Baby
Outlaws Total Chaos
Rainyday's I'm On Fire Ht
Outlaw's Promise Of Glory
Outlaws Sosumi
Kinetic's Great Expectations
Pin-up Lbs
Berger australien Noire tricolore (yeux noisettes)
L'Artiste du Petit Duc Victoria
Berger australien
Delbret's Early Red Sunset
Berger australien
Sherpa des Chemins Cathares
Delbret's Check This Red Out
Ginga Legend Weed des Minis Toon's
Melodys Chairman Of The Board
Basingere de la Lauze Aux Micoucouliers
Berger australien
Born In Rosebud Easy Ride
Risingstar's Ballroom Celebrity
Mill Creek's Dont U Cry Tonight
Born In Rosebud Fragance By Diesel
The Butterfly Effect Cartoon Motion
Born In Rosebud This Could Be Heaven